The Attractiveness Equation

Calculate Your Dating Market Value

When you’re in your early 20s and dating for the sake of hooking up and having fun, there is no long-term risk to dating women more attractive than you. In fact, it’s a confidence boost to successfully bed a woman that seems out of your league. There is also not much risk to dating beneath you. It can mean easy sex and less rejection, though you don’t want to become complacent and lose confidence in your abilities to pluck better fruit.

There are, however, long-term risks if you decide to date women significantly more or less attractive than you when you’re older and ready to settle down. You could end up marrying a trophy wife, which can lead to an imbalanced power dynamic that makes you feel insecure and anxious. Or you could end up marrying someone that doesn’t challenge you, leading you to become bored and tempted to cheat, all while making your wife insecure and neurotic.

The ideal scenario when pairing up is to find a woman who is your equal so that your relationship can be mutually satisfying, stimulating, and balanced. To find an equal partner, you will first need to determine your current dating market value (DMV), so you can then compare your attractiveness to that of your potential mate. This will also help you recognize the ways in which you can increase your value a point or two.

There are many things you can do to increase your DMV. In fact, the only things you can’t change are your personality (though this will evolve as you mature), age, height, intelligence, skin tone, and penis size. Luckily, you can increase your value by improving your appearance, style, status (career and income), game, and sexual prowess.

Ideally, your value will naturally increase as you get older and become more successful in your career, ultimately peaking in your early 30s, right when it matters most. If you peak before you’re ready to get married, you may regret not locking it down when you had more options. If you peak after you’re married, you may resent that your partner is no longer at your level (unless your partner’s value continues to increase as well).

 Here are some basic guidelines:

If there is > 1.5 points of a discrepancy between the man’s DMV and the woman’s DMV, then the relationship is likely to be imbalanced.

If the man’s DMV and the woman’s DMV is = or < 1.5 points apart, then the relationship is likely to be in balance.

If you’re pursuing a woman that wants to be “just friends,” then you may be shooting out of your league.

If you’re dating a woman that you have doubts about, then you may be selling yourself short.

If you’re not having any luck with women, then your DMV may be keeping you out of the game.

What’s Your Dating Market Value?

How old are you?

under 18: -1

18-21: 0

22-25: +1

26-29: +3

30-33: +5

34-37: +4

38-40: +2

41-50: -2

over 50: -3

How high status is your job?

I’m a baller. (celebrity, politician, rock star, professional athlete, CEO): +5

I’m a boss. (doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, banker): +4

I’m a professional. (professor, scientist, engineer, consultant, architect): +3

I’m getting by. (blue collar worker, student, teacher): +1

I’m a creative. (working artist, designer, journalist): 0

Is it a “job” if you don’t make a living off of it? (starving artists, musicians, etc): -2

I’m currently unemployed: -3

What is your gross income per year?

over 500k: +6

200k-500k: +5

100k-199k: +4

80k-99k: +3

60k-79k: +2

55k-59k: +1

50k- 54k: 0

under 50k: -1

What’s your level of education?

High school grad: 0

2 year degree: +1

Bachelor’s degree: +2

Advanced degree: +3

I didn’t finish high school: -2

How stylish are you?

I dress like a GQ model: +1

I dress well: 0

I blend in: -1

Style is for sissies: -2

How tall are you?

under 5’6: -3

5’6: -2

5’7: -1

5’8: 0

5’9: +1

5’10: +2

5’11: +3

6’0-6’4: +4

over 6’4: +2

How’s your body?

Jacked like a bodybuilder: +1

Muscular, toned, visible six pack: +3

Lean and toned: +2

Average Dad Bod: 0

Overweight or Underweight: -2

How’s your hair?

Thick and healthy: +2

Thin, but no signs of balding: +1

Curly and unruly: 0

My hairline is receding: -1

Bald or balding: -2

How’s your skin?

Clear : +1

Some blemishes: 0

Acne: -1

How are your teeth?

I have a colgate smile: +1

My teeth could use some whitening: 0

People assume I’m British: -1

How are you in bed?

I can always get a woman to cum: +1

I don’t know about her, but I enjoyed it: 0

It’s hit or miss: -1

How hot are you?

People tell me I look like a movie star: +2

I’m a good looking dude: +1

I’m the guy next door: 0

I didn’t luck out in the looks department: -1

Do you play sports?

I play(ed) professionally: +3

I played in college: +2

I played in high school: +1

I played intramural sports: 0

I’m not the athletic-type: -1

How smart are you?

I’m a genius: +3

Most people are less intelligent than me: +4

I’m smart: +2

Smart enough: 0

I struggled in school: -1

If you were cast in a rom com, you would be the…

Leading man: +2

Funny guy: +1

Geek: -1

Player: 0

How many women have you slept with?

0: -2

1-9: 0

10-30: +1

31-55: +2

over 55: -1

How many times have you cheated on a girlfriend?

Once, and it was a huge mistake: 0

More than once: -2

I’ve never cheated, though I’ve been tempted: +1

The opportunity never came up: -1

When you see an attractive girl at a bar you…

Don’t hesitate to start a conversation: +1

Scope it out for a few minutes, then approach: 0

Wait until she comes to you: -1

How often do you drink or do drugs?

A few drinks on the weekend, maybe some pot: +1

Several nights a week: 0

Daily: -2

I’ve never been wasted: -1

I’m now sober: 0

On a date, you believe. . .

I let her pay if she wants because feminism: -1

The woman should split the check with you: -2

The man should pay : +1

When you want to break up with a woman you…

Tell her in person: +1

Tell her in a text or email: 0

Ignore her calls: -1

Do you have a disability, mental illness, or penis size below 5 inches erect?

Yes: -3

No: 0

DMV= Total Points Divided by 5

Highest score is a 10.

If you scored less than zero, then you’re out of the game.

What’s Her Dating Market Value?

How old is she?

18-21: +2

22-25: +5

26-29: +4

30-33: +3

34-37: 0

38-40: -1

41-50: -2

over 50: -3

What does she do for a living?

She’s a celebrity or model +5

She’s a successful creative-type (actor, singer, artist, dancer, designer) +4

She’s a high-level professional (doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, engineer) +2

She’s a professional (marketing, design, business, communications) +3

She helps people (therapist, teacher, nurse, social worker) +1

She’s a low-level professional (secretary, assistant, paralegal, nanny) 0

She’s in the service industry (waiter, bartender, flight attendant) 0

She’s still figuring it out (student, starving artist, unemployed) -1

How stylish is she?

She’s very stylish: +3

She dresses well: +2

She looks good when she goes out: +1

She blends in: 0

She has no style: -1

How does she look without makeup?

She’s a natural beauty: +3

Pretty: +2

Plain jane: 0

Weathered: -1

Unrecognizable: -2

How smart is she?

She’s a genius. 0

Most people are less intelligent than her. +3

She’s smart enough. +2

She’s a little ditzy: 0

She counts with her fingers. -1

How’s her body? (feel free to switch these values around if you have a preference for a certain body type)

Skinny with great tits and ass: +7

Hourglass: +6

Skinny and toned: +5

Athletic: +4

Thin but not toned: +3

Voluptuous, normal waist: +2

Average: +1

Thick but with nice curves: 0

Fat without the nice curves: -1

Obese: -2

How are her breasts?

Non-existent: -2

Full but dropping: +1

Perky all on their own: +2

They look fake: 0

Sagging: -1

What’s her cup size?

a: -2

b: -1

c: +1

d to dd: +2

over dd: 0

How’s her butt?

Flat: -1

Round and juicy: +1

Round, juicy and firm: +2

Average: 0

Flabby: -2

How are her eyes?

Striking and beautiful: +1

Average: 0

Small or droopy: -1

How’s her nose?

Fits her face nicely: +1

Average: 0

Too Big or Asymmetrical: -1

How are her lips?

Thin: -1

Average: 0

Full: +1

How’s her skin?

Clear : +1

Some blemishes: 0

Acne: -1

How are her teeth?

She has a colgate smile: +1

Her teeth could use some whitening: 0

People assume she’s British: -1

How’s her hair?

Silky and thick: +1

Thin and dull: 0

Frayed, Frizzy, or Greying: -1

How often does she wear sexy lingerie:

Often: +1

On special occasions: 0

Never: -1

How adventurous is she in bed?

She’s got plenty of moves: +3

She’s into the kinky stuff: +1

She’s shy but warms up eventually: 0

She’s a prude: -1

How often does she put on makeup and do her hair?

Everyday: +2

Most of the time: +1

On special occasions: 0

Never: -1

If she were cast in a rom com, she would be:

The leading lady: +3

The best friend: +1

The bitch: -1

The weird chick: 0

When she’s out at a party, she is:

Witty and charming: +2

Sweet and approachable: +1

Friendly but forgettable: 0

A bit stuck up: -1

The loudest one in the room: -2

Anxious or awkward: -3

How often does she get sloppy drunk:

Every weekend: -1

rarely: 0

never: +1

Do she have a disability, mental illness, or children?

Yes: -3

No: 0

DMV= Total Points Divided by 5

Highest score is a 10.

If she scored less than zero, then she’s out of the game.


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