Let’s Make Love Not War

I’m not a feminist, nor am I a misogynist or misandrist. I love both men and women equally, so I feel compelled to create unique content for each gender, which is really way too much work, but here’s why I do it: men and women are different. They will benefit from different advice and desire different content. But my goal for each is the same: I want to inspire you to live authentic and empowered lives so that you can become better lovers, partners, parents, and humans.

It’s clear that we are very divided in this country and one of the greatest fault lines runs between the two genders. It’s all too easy to point the finger and play the victim, but both genders are to blame here and no one is taking responsibility. Young people today are languishing. They have lost a sense of purpose and the motivation to fulfill their role as a man or woman. We are out of balance. So many young people today lack the drive to express the natural and essential qualities of their gender. Fewer and fewer young people are having sex, getting married, and starting a family. We are living through the decline of our civilization and the disruption of our natural instincts, mating habits, and value system are key.

Men are our sons, fathers, and husbands. Women are our daughters, mothers, and wives. Men are the providers that work long hours so that a mother can care for her children. Women are the guardians of children, community, and culture. Men are the warriors who sacrifice their lives to protect our country and families. Women sacrifice their bodies, careers, and time to raise their children. Without each other, there is no family. And that’s what we are facing: a total degradation of the American family.

Women and men need each other. We should embrace our differences and rekindle our natural desire to be united harmoniously. I believe that relationships are the key to happiness, and I want to help people be great at them. Great relationships with others begin with a healthy and constructive relationship with yourself, which begins with a strong dedication to be self-aware, own your shit, and constantly strive to grow.

It’s a challenging process and I hope to provide some guidance to make it easier. I believe this is our ultimate purpose in life: to realize our potential so we can make life better for ourselves and those we love and share the planet with. This will never be accomplished from a place of hate, separation, victimization, or prejudice. You guys, it’s love. I know, cliché and gross, but there it is. We need all the loves- tough love, unconditional love, self-love, and sexy time love. Duh, love.


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