Kate The Great

“I’ve just done what I damn well wanted to and I made enough money to support myself, and I ain’t afraid of being alone.”

-Katharine Hepburn

It’s important to have role models. Not so you can be just like them, but to observe what they do best and apply it to your life. Choose role models that inspire you, but don’t compare yourself or become envious. Role models are not perfect, so it’s important to remember that they are limited and sometimes you’ll outgrow them.

There are three women who have been my role models for over a decade now, and they all happen to be women named Kate. They have style that I emulate, and they are all exceptional women in their own right. Here’s what I have loved and learned about their style and way of life:

Kate Moss:

Keep Some Mystery

Kate Moss is everywhere, in every magazine and on every billboard, yet she remains elusive. She has been photographed millions of times, yet we know so little about her. In this era of social media, we tend to overshare. There are no boundaries. We let the outside world into our bubble, and there is little mystery.

Kate Moss is not on social media. She rarely does interviews, and she keeps her personal life private. For someone so famous, she seems to have struck a nice balance between staying relevant as a public figure while keeping her distance from the public eye. And that just makes us want her more.

Wear What Works, Wash, And Repeat

Kate Moss is the ultimate style icon, not because of the clothes she wears but how she wears them. She knows what works on her, and she wears that repeatedly. She has a signature style that has influenced pretty much any woman who cares about fashion.

Her style is effortless because the real outfit is her captivating face, her blonde layered hair that she always wears down, her strut that is the walk of a diva with the attitude of a punk. Her clothes look cool because she is cool. Her style is undeniable because she wears her rebel heart on her sleeve.

Confidence Is Sexy

Kate Moss does not have an hourglass figure. She does not have a butt like a Kardashian, and her boobs are small. She’s short for a model, but when she models, it’s mesmerizing. She is sexy naked, in a suit, or in a turtleneck and jeans. She is sexy because of the confidence that exudes from every pore in her body. She’s not afraid to be seen, she’s not ashamed of her body, and she makes no apologies. It’s not that she’s aloof, it’s that she doesn’t care what you think of her. It’s not that she thinks she’s better than you, it’s that she is.

Cate Blanchett:

Master Your Craft

Being great takes 100% commitment. Cate Blanchett is always all in. Whenever she acts, she gives all of herself and therefore is one of the most convincing and moving actors of all time. She is dedicated to her craft and obviously has high standards for herself because she never gives a performance that is less than perfect. She makes me want to be better and give more of myself in everything I do.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Cate Blanchett is not a modern day beauty, but a classic one. She has an interesting face that is ethereally beautiful partly because it’s never been altered. She’s one of the few celebrities who has never had plastic surgery. Not that I’m against beauty enhancement, but I am in awe of the way Cate becomes even more striking with age without intervention. She is an elegant woman whose natural beauty is only surpassed by her incredible talent.

Forget Trends, Wear What You Love

When it comes to her style, Cate Blanchett loves to take risks, but not to be shocking or trendy. You can tell she wears what she loves because she can wear interesting and even avant-garde pieces without landing on the “worst-dressed” list. She is the perfect muse because she has the magical ability to breathe life and beauty into any outfit, play, or film she’s in. She is a woman that is in her power without the need to be dominant or condescending. She is a goddess that walks with grace and humility.

Katharine Hepburn:

Break The Rules

Katharine Hepburn wore menswear at a time when it was barely legal for women to wear pants. She refused to let Hollywood mold her into a cookie cutter starlet, and the pants were just the beginning. Today women can wear whatever the hell they want, and we have Katharine to thank for that. She dressed casually when the trend was to be glamorous. She was androgynous when women were expected to be feminine and delicate. She refused to conform, and that made her a style icon.

Be Your Own Boss

Katharine Hepburn found her greatest success when she untethered herself from the big movie studios. She was fiercely independent and was at her best when she was in charge of her career. To many men back then, a strong-willed woman wearing trousers and making her own decisions was off-putting. But Katharine wasn’t motivated to please men. She was an audacious woman with the attire to match, and honestly, I think there’s nothing sexier than a powerful woman in a perfectly tailored suit.

Take Risks

Katharine had many failures throughout her career. She took chances on projects that turned out to be flops. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone, and it wasn’t always well received. But she never stopped trying and kept working until she was 87 years old. Instead of looking back on her mistakes and deciding she wasn’t good enough, she moved forward and accepted the next challenge with wisdom and courage. Whether it was the parts she decided to play, the clothes she chose to wear, or the way she lived her life, she always did it with a ferociousness that was driven by a desire to please herself and not others. And that is what I call style.



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