In The Mood For Love

It’s about to be my 8th Valentine’s Day with my husband. I still remember our first Valentine’s Day. We were so in love and affectionate that it was probably gross to watch. Here’s a snippet of the love letter he wrote me:

I think of myself as strong, but without you by my side, I’d be weak. Together we are so much stronger, and when I think of what’s ahead of us, I feel unstoppable knowing that I have the best partner. You are my biggest supporter, my best critic, and my most beautiful inspiration. I only hope that I am your equal.

At this point in our marriage, our love for each other has transformed into a little less of “I want to make out with your face always” and a little more or “you are my soulmate but it’s ok if we don’t kiss all the time.”  (Though to his credit, he does still write me love letters.)

After several years together, it can be challenging to keep the passion alive. There’s a reason you can find innumerable tips online on how to spice up your sex life. It’s sad but true that sex in marriage can get routine after many years.

So here’s my tip. It a fantasy come true for Dr. G, and I really enjoy doing it. It makes my husband’s eyes pop out of his head, and it makes me feel like a sexy goddess. Plus it involves two of my favorite things: beautiful clothing and dancing.

Dancing sexy for your partner is a win-win. If you let yourself get into it, it can boost your confidence and get you in touch with your sexuality in an empowered way. And it’s a wonderful gift you can give to the man you love. You don’t have to be a good dancer or have a dancer’s body to be sexy. All you need is a few moves, some sexy lingerie, and a sexy-time playlist. Then just get out of your head and unleash your inner Beyonce.

Here are a few youtube videos to help you learn some moves:

Here’s my current sexy-time playlist:





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